Membership Info


It’s simple, really; the Alano Fellowship Hall of North Idaho, Inc., needs money to operate. Give or take, we earn and spend about $40,000 a year. Why so much? Here’s a break-down.


Rent is about $24,000 a year. $2000 a month is well below market value for our 4,400 square feet of space with excellent parking and a very helpful landlord. We love it on Best Avenue. Add about $5000 a year for utilities—gas, the dumpster, sewer, water, and electricity. And we spend about $12,000 a year on cleaning supplies and items for sale behind the counter (coffee, cups, cream and sugar are big expenses) and vending items such as Cokes and Snickers bars. Yes, we earn some revenue from them, of course, but the mark-ups are kept low as you can tell from the prices you pay, way below anywhere else in town


About $10,000 a year comes from membership dues, only 25% of our budget. We feel 50% of our budget should come from that source (aka, donations) and so does the Internal Revenue Service which examines our annual tax returns for member and public support.
A big chunk comes from meetings—the 50% of 7th Tradition that groups pay as rent. Some groups like Daily Reprieve and Best Avenue pay a lot. Some groups pay very little. Counter and vending sales are much smaller than you would expect. A good week behind the counter might gross $250 but very little of that (maybe $50) is profit. The vending machines make about $75 a week but, again, very little of the total take (about $25-$30) is profit. (Also, we currently do not have food vending machines, only beverage, while we are on the lookout for a new machine, so that total would transfer over to counter sales for now).

We run activities and dinners. Think for a minute about what we charge for them and then take a guess as to what the expenses are. Some activities net as little as $75; a really good one like Cinco de Mayo might earn $300 but that’s because members donate a lot of food. People often ask what are the benefits of membership; beyond paying less for coffee and getting a vote for board members at the Annual Meeting, there are few benefits beyond the good feeling that goes with supporting an organization that furnishes safe space for so many. And, although we are not affiliated with AA as a whole, the space we make available for 12th step work to be possible, and that space is supported by your membership dues. So whether you come to the Alano Hall regularly or not, you are helping make 12th step work possible! So we need your support. Dues are $100 a year; $55 for six months; or $10 a month. You can see the counter person at the Alano Hall for paying your dues in person and filling out a membership form, or you can now have the option of paying your dues right here online!