Statement of Purpose:

The Alano Fellowship Hall of North Idaho has been established to serve individuals suffering from the disease of Alcoholism. We serve the sober community by providing a safe, supportive and encouraging facility to meet and fellowship. We also welcome the family and friends of alcoholics to be members of the Alano Fellowship Hall. We hold to the belief that alcoholism is a family disease. The facility is available to all those who have been affected by the disease of Alcoholism. Anyone wishing to hold Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or Ala-non family Groups meetings may do so. The Alano Fellowship Hall of North Idaho incorporates AA’s twelve traditions, in particular the fifth tradition stating “Each group has but on primary purpose – to carry its message to the alcoholic who still stuffers.” To this end, The Alano Fellowship Hall stands by the AA traditions to guide our daily service to those recovering from the disease of alcoholism and to their family and friends.